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Im a Marathoner!

Well I did it! I completed the 2013 20th Anniversary Disney World Marathon! It is crazy to think that just two years ago I was a fat, out of shape, who had never ran more than a few miles, to having rededicated my self to fitness and running various 5k’s,10k’s,Tough Mudder,a half marathon, and a full marathon.

While training for this event, and while running it I found out some things about me, and some observations about people in general.

1. I will never be an Elite Runner: Being as competitive as I am it is hard participating in something that I know I have zero chance to win. It took me, 5hours and 43 mins to complete the marathon, 1 hour and 59 mins to complete the Half Marathon (that I ran earlier this year). This is far from elite status, and to be honest I could train forever and NEVER get to the point where I am a truly competitive runner. However what I do hope to accomplish is becoming an Elite Firefighter. All of the fitness, training, reading, conferences, etc. are pushing me toward that status. Will I ever get there? I do not know, but doing things like this will hopefully get me there. It is a long road that is ever-changing, but it is a journey that is in my opinion worth while.

2. Fitness is something different to everyone: As I walk around the gym, various road races, and read fitness blogs/websites you see thousands upon thousands of people. Each of these people have a different definition of what fitness is. To some it is running a marathon, to others it is benching 300lbs, to some it may be as simple as walking a mile and not getting out of breath. The important thing is that we make strides to be healthier. My fitness goals lie on the fireground. I want to be able to take my body to its maximum potential on the fireground. So full body fitness, functional fitness, cardio, etc. are my goals. Benching 300lbs would help in some aspects but rarely am I ever flat on my back with an evenly balanced weight over me. I am always operating at odd angles, and wearing full PPE. I may never make the cover of muscle and fitness, or a pin-up calender but show muscle does not get you through the fireground.

Those are just a few of the things that went through my head and have been going through my head for a while.

Here are a few pictures from the Marathon:

Disney Marathon 1 At the Health & Fitness EXPO

Disney Marathon 2 At the starting corral

Disney Marathon 3 Mile 20 (Celebration during all of mile 20 since this was the 20th Anniversary of the Marathon)

Disney Marathon 4 Mile 25, 1.2 miles to go hurting but ready to be done.

Disney Marathon Medal The Medal at the end, a lot of sacrifice has paid off!

Overall I am glad I did it, and of the many people I have to thank, none are higher on the list than my wife Karen. While I might have joked that this was all her fault in reality I am glad she brought this up, and that we trained and did it together.

Also here is a video on the insight of a marathon runner:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsMw10KVVCk]

Seriously though, I would recommend a Run Disney event to anyone. It is perfect for multi time marathoners and first timers.

So get out there, pick a goal and get to work! If I can do it anyone can.

So as usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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