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Beware The Outside Stair

In multifamily dwellings all over the country outside stair wells exists. They can be made of metal or wood. In either case we do not know the up keep of these stairs, nor do we know if these stairs have been subjected to vandalism, or the quality of their construction.

While at work yesterday out int he district I noticed a particular set of stairs that looked a little suspect.

As you can see  by the pictures these stairs are weathered, rusted and have seen better days. How would they stand up to the weighted of fully geared fireman deploying hoselines, tools, rescuing victims, etc.? These particular stairs lead to the rear exit for the second division apartments. How would these stairs hold up to victim evacuation, or victim rescue?  If these stairs were to collapse how could we overcome them with the equipment we carry?

These are all things we need to figure out before the incident. We have minimal influence over the individual complexes to up the maintenance program, or repair/replace the stairs or other features of the buildings. What we do have influence over is to get out in our district, and discover and plan for these failures before the incident.

So in short get out in your district and find problems like these, and let the companies that respond to them know about them. DO NOT KEEP IT A SECRET!

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!



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