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I remember it like it was yesterday. I was attending Eastern Kentucky University and was walking back to my dorm room, completely oblivious to what had just occurred. One of my friends stopped me and said “have you heard what happened in New York”? I replied no, he said a plane had hit the World Trade Center and it was a massive fire.

I initially though it was a huge accident as no one would ever have the guts to attack the United States Of America like this. So I proceeded on to my dorm room. As I was in the Fire Science program most of my friends were firefighters from all over the country all volunteers at this point in our fire service careers. When I got to my room my roommate, the guy across the hall, and a couple of others from down the hall all fire science majors, and involved in the fire service were watching in my room the TV coverage. Just as I sat my bag down the second plane hit. At this point we all knew that this was no accident. We watched, helplessly we watched as the towers fell, we watched as thousands of people died, we watched the coverage of the Pentagon, we watched.

I had just gone to my first FDIC earlier that year and my mind raced at all the FDNY members that I had met and if they were still alive. A couple hours after my girlfriend and future wife Karen called. Karen was already a college graduate and working for the Virginia Office of EMS, the Virginia EMS task force had been mobilized and was being sent to the Pentagon and she was going with them. I told her to be careful, and to call me when she could. When she did call me I knew she would be different forever for witnessing the destruction first hand. Still to this day she has flashback when we drive past the Pentagon into DC of the light poles laid over, and the carnage she saw.

Today we remember, and honor the sacrifice of those that were murdered on that faithful day. Not just in the World Trade Center, but the Pentagon, and all the passengers of all the flights. We also remember the families who have had to carry on without their loved ones. We also remember that no matter what we are a united nation and that we will not be bullied, or threatened by faceless cowards. Even if we do not support our government leaders we must always support our military who continue the fight for our freedom, and allow us to lay our heads down at night feeling safe.

So take some time today and everyday to pay respect to them.

Thanks for reading, spread the word, stay safe, and NEVER FORGET!

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