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New Fitness Resource

Found this picture and some other motivational words of wisdom on http://www.tacticalfirefighter.blogspot.com/p/strength-exercises.html

They look like they are just getting off the ground but they already have some great workouts on the site. Just another resource for us to continue on the path to the fitness level we need to perform the critical functions of our job at the high level that our citizens expect from us.

Remember that not one workout is one size fits all and do things that will work for you. The route you take does not matter what matters is the end result. No matter what you do though in order to achieve the level of fitness we need hard work, and dedication are mandatory.

You are not alone! You may be the only one at your station working out but all you have to do is go under the hashtag #fswfitness and you will see a ton of your brothers and sisters posting their workouts. Also on several sites (Fireservice Warrior, Crossfit.com, Sealfit.com) they have forums fo you to discuss you fitness goals, and ask questions. So like I said you are not alone in this journey, the internet has given us the ability to share our passion, and resources with EVERYONE! Some call it the “network”, to others it is just brotherhood. No matter what it is to you it is there USE IT! NO EXCUSES START TODAY! IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! Like Chris Huston from the Engine Co. 22 Blog said Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy http://engineco22.net/2011blog/?p=258

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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