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Victim Rescue

The below video brings to light a couple of things.

1. Like the post earlier today said it takes a mastery of basics in order to be able to pull off things like this.

2. Search discipline is a must, when you are searching you can leave no stone unturned. For some reason (fear, disorientation, of lack of oxygen) people especially children will end up in some weird places and positions when trying to escape a fire. We have to check every where because they could be anywhere

3. Helmet cams are SO VALUABLE! Think of all the great things this Fire Captain learned by being able to watch the tape and critique his performance and the others around him. In pro sports athletes watch hours and hours of tape in order to improve their performance, and they are just playing a game. WE ARE NOT PLAYING A GAME!! We are dealing with life and death and any advantage we can gain to get better should be utilized. Yet so many of these devices are outlawed by departments all over the country. I thank anyone who puts themselves out there for others to learn and face the possible ridicule of others.

I’m just glad this fire had a positive outcome, I have been in these guys shoes before, and the outcome was not succesful and the fire conditions were not near as bad.

The point is just make sure when your number is called that you are ready. In order to be ready though you have to be highly trained, and have a high level of physical fitness. It takes a lot of work but in the end it will be worth it, just ask those kids that lived.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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