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It is that time of year again!

Well folks here in the Metro Richmond area today when folks arose they were met with 60 degree temperatures. While some think this weather is great, a certain portion of our population consider this weather as cold and you know what that means!

Thats right the smell of smoke in a residence calls (usually just dust on the heating strips) and the chimney fires will be picking up within the next few weeks and continue on until spring. On the flip side this is when fire duty all around the country tends to pick up as well.

So during this time of year it is important to maintain vigilance even on the 50th smell of smoke run, always treat them as if they are going to be a fire, because quite frankly some of them will turn out to be.

When you get dispatched to a chimney fire do not automatically return the full assignment until you can get there and put eyes on the critical portions of the structure (chimney, attic, and surrounding walls). Many a house has been lost due to the complacency from fireman on the “routine response”

So take some time in these next few weeks and review your procedures for chimney fires, smell of smoke investigations, etc. Also start getting that chimney kit ready NOW and go over it so when you arrive on scene and someone says do you have X, your response is not “I don’t know, let me look”.

Please feel free to share any tips, or tricks you have for these calls in the comments section, or on twitter (@averagejakeff).

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!


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