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Week Winding Down

As I posted earlier this week, I have been busy! Classes, errands, working its been busy and I am glad it is slowing down a bit as the week is coming to a close.

Yesterday I got to take an 8 hour water rescue class on duty. The class was actually part of the Central Virginia Technical Rescue Teams quarterly drill. They offer the basic water rescue awareness class (but a little more beefed up) to new members of the team, and since my current company responds to the river for calls a lot, and we also assist our on duty Search/Dive/Water Rescue team due to our proximity to them my Lt. thought this would be a great class for us. He could not have been more right!

We started off with about 2 hours of classroom, watching videos, and becoming familiar with equipment, terminology, and skills. Then it was time to hit the river! We practiced how to safely navigate the water, defensive swimming, throw bag rescues, baited rescues, shallow water crossings, victim removal, simulated strainers, swimming to eddy’s and a lot more. I unfortunately did not get any pictures, once we got in the river we did not get out for about 4 or 5 hours so I never got the chance to get on shore and take some pictures, and I was not taking my camera, or phone into the river. It is a shame though because rarely do you get the chance to see firefighters from Richmond, Hanover, Henrico, and Chesterfield all working together for one common goal. The below video gives you just a little insight to what we were training for. The river is  very active, and we have also had flooding due to storms, so this training in my opinion is vital for all firefighters.

It was a great day but it was about to get better. After we marked back in service and cleaned up we got dispatched for a fire in Engine 10’s first in. The notes on the MDT saying “neighbor says they see smoke and fire from the attic” are usually a pretty good indicator that it is going to be a legit fire. Sure enough when Engine 10 marked on they had smoke coming from the attic and marked it a “working fire”. They had layed in a significant distance so we picked up the line, and pumped to them. I was driving the engine so I handled the water supply portion, while the Lt. and fireman went to side A and formed the RIT. Once the 3rd engine arrived they stretched a second line to help with extinguishment while I made sure the driver from E10 had everything squared away with his operation. A good job was done by all, and the companies made a great stop. The owners could not stay the night there but this house will definitely be remodeled inside and they will occupy it again.

As for tomorrow its back on shift again for another 24, but tonite since I have been so busy at work I am gonna take the family out for dinner and a baseball game.

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As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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