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Important News and A Why are you doing this moment


Well afer a few weeks of anticipation, they have finally arrived. Thanks to the folks at Black Diamond Footwear http://www.blackdiamondfootwear.com/ and with the recommendation to them from The Fire Critic www.firecritic.com I have been given a pair of Black Diamond X2 Fire Boots to demo  This is just a teaser picture. After I wear them for about a week or two (and hopefully go to a fire) I will be giving a full review of what I think of them with several pictures. Again thanks to the folks at Black Diamond Footwear, and Fire Critic.

This brings us to the video below. While we do not know if the utilities were controlled or not what we do know is that unless the power is cut off at the pole everything above that meter is still hot. Not to mention who knows what that line is that the firefighter crawled under to get that high on the ladder is. Is it phone, is it power, is it hot? I do not know.

The effectiveness and the need for this operation are also called into question. This seems to be venting of the gable end after the fire is under control. When this is being done, little to no smoke is coming out.

So this begs the question why was this going on, what was the need to vent the gable, and if it was so critical to the success of the operation then why was it so late stage, and could a safer and more effective technique (like a long hook) be used.

The point is that lets make sure what we are doing is making sense, and is also the risk is managed down to acceptable levels. No risk will ever be zero but it is our job to take that risk, maximize our safety, and make it so that we can operate with relative safety. This was simply a risk that was not thought out, and did not need to occur.

Stay tuned to the blog for the Black Diamond X2 Product review, and other news. Be sure to follow us on twitter, at www.twitter.com/averagejakeff.

As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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