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We all know that this job is tough mentally, but it is even tougher physically. We all know the statistics related to our deaths. Sure we will never get down to zero firefighter deaths, but the controllable ones are the ones we should be focusing on. You can control (to an extent) your own health.

A lot of guys find excuses not to work out, and I will be honest I do not enjoy one second of any workout I do. It is however a means to an end. I do enjoy being in better shape, being skinnier, going longer at a fire, and over all feeling better. I however can find just about any excuse not to go work out. One of the biggest ones is Gym’s are to expensive, to crowded, or not available. I will be honest again even with the firefighter discount the Gym I go to is still pretty expensive, but it does offer a lot and makes it easier to work out in (an in-house baby sitter is the huge perk).

So we all find excuses but the guys in this video have taken one away, who needs a Gym to work out? definitely not these guys. Not only are they creative in the location of their workout, they offer variations to the techniques that are directly related to what we do on the fireground. Bravo guys!

So the next time your thinking that you have no means to work out, just take a look around the firehouse there is probably something you can put together.

If you have any other workout tips, then please leave some feedback in the comments section. As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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