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What Would You Do?

This video is making the rounds on the various fire service blogs and generating a lot of discussion. The biggest point of discussion is the “discipline” shown by the engine company who had a charged line, yet the forcible entry team was having issues with a difficult forcible entry. The “discipline” people are referring to is that they did not direct the stream into the window prior to the door being forced.

Personally had this been me on the nozzle and the door was having difficulty being forced I would have tried to slow the fire spread in the occupancy and directed my stream into that window. This is for a couple of reasons:

1. When the fire goes out everything gets better, this fire is continuing to grow and we are making zero impact on it. If there are still victims in the rear rooms then putting a stop to the fire is what is going to save them.

2. No one is alive in the fire room, its sad but true but in the main fire room no one is alive so an exterior stream is not going to impact any potential victim in those rooms.

3. Straight/Solid streams do not push fire. People are always saying that we should go from unburned to burned so that we do not push the fire into the unburned portions of the structure. Fire is only pushed with fog nozzles that entrain air, solid/straight streams do not push fire. The only danger of pushing fire into the unburned portions of the structure is if you directed a fog stream into the window.

So what do you think? Would you direct the stream in the window? Or would you wait until the door was forced? The exterior stream is not the best or even favorite option but in my opinion it is preferable to waiting and allowing the fire to double in size every minute that it goes unimpacted. Leave your comments in the comments section or drop us an email. As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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