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March Drill of the Month: Master Stream

We all know that if we have a BIG FIRE we need to apply BIG WATER! In some cases we can use the 2 1/2 to accomplish this. However in other cases we have to go right to our pre piped deck gun, portable master stream device, or ladder pipe.

The weather is beginning to break (well at least here) so its time to break out of that “winter funk” and start flowing water again. So this month get out there and address your BIG WATER capabilities and put them to use.

Things to focus on:

1. Infantry or Artillery: Do you know the difference between an Infantry fire (stretching in side with a hand line) or an Artillery fire (using the larger exterior lines/devices)

2. What roles do the positions on your engine play in putting these devices in service?

3. What is the equipment your using? What are the Pros and Cons?

4. What sort of water supply plan do you have?

5. What is the maximum GPM flow you can develop? Take a look at different pumping combinations (in line on hydrant, being pumped to, dual hitching, etc.) to see if it makes a difference in your GPM flow.

6. What can you change/do better to make the operation more efficent?

Let us know what you find out, and if you take pictures of your crew training we will put them up on the blog. As usual thanks for reading, spread the word, and STAY SAFE!

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