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Turn Out Gear: When do you wear yours?

Kind of keeping with the great fire service debates we have going on in the blog right now this topic is another one I do not understand. I consistently see firefighters not wearing appropriate levels of PPE during calls. Recently ...

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Forcible Entry: Baseball Bat Swing

Forcible Entry-Bball Swing  <————–Click here for the document The above document comes to us from Dave “Rude Boy” Mylum. It is about a great single firefighter forcible entry technique known as “The Baseball Bat Swing”. It is primarily used on ...

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August Drill of the Month

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2dSzENYh4A&feature=player_embedded#! This video has been making the rounds to the various fire service blog sites and I think it brings up a ton of teaching points to be considered. The video starts with heavy fire venting from the top floor ...

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What are you packing???

  I have currently been assigned to a Heavy Rescue Company for the better half of almost 2 years.  Prior to this assignment I was assigned to a Quint/Engine company.  I have always thought that I was a well-rounded fireman ...

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I look at a lot of other fire service blogs around the internet, and like most people I have specific ones I look at everyday. Several of the ones I look at are produced by Chris Naum. Chris is very tactically ...

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It is with great sadness that we post this LODD. While any LODD is tragic and all of them deserve respect and reflection this one hits very close to home as it is in my home state of Virginia. Here are ...

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