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How much fire will an 1 3/4 put out?

I know, I know this again? Seriously though while we have had some great discussion lately in the comments section about hose line selection, and what you can and can not do with larger handlines I think a lot of fireman out there are still banking too much on the 1 3/4 line.

The video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUAyBSDwzkA (sorry embedding was disabled on YouTube) from Gary Indiana illustrates just what an 1 3/4 can and can not do. In the beginning stages of the video you see that the companies are met with a very advanced fire, and they pull a 1 3/4 hand line (could be smaller hard to tell but illustrates my point even further). Even flowing wide open and pretty constant they do not even make a dent in this fire. The fire only lightens up because it is running out of things to burn.

Finally someone comes along and suggests perhaps adding a larger caliber line into the mix so they decide to go with the pre piped deck gun (Great call). Unfortunately by this point the fire is to far advanced and to into the structure for it to even make a significant difference. Sure it knocks it down but look at the smoke. There is still ALOT of heat in there and when the companies try to transition to an interior attack mode they still have pretty significant fire conditions above their head (6 min mark in video). 

Again I’m not saying that the 1 3/4 does not have its place, it is a very versital line, and for 90% of our fires it does extremely well. However there are times when it is not going to cut it, and if you pull it your going to come up short.

I want to continue the discussion, I want to know what you think about this or any other fire when a 2 1/2 should have been pulled and was not, or when the 1 3/4 did or did not make the grade. Leave all of your thoughts, tips, and tricks in the comments section, and thanks for those of you spreading the word about the blog!

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