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Capitol City Fireman

My brother gave me an early Christmas present the other day in the form of the above book. “Capitol City Fireman” tells the adventures of Jake Rixner a retired Lt. from the City of Richmond Va.

If you have been involved in the fire service in this area than you have either heard of or met Jake as he did a lot of teaching for the VDFP (Virginia Department of Fire Programs) and some independent teaching. Jake son Jimmy also was about my brothers age and I think they were on several sports teams together. I got to meet Jake at his then annual training class (I think it was the 3rd annual one). He assembled a lot of good fireman from DC, and Maryland and taught 2 great days of training in Engine and Truck ops. My impressions of him were that he was definitely cocky, but also very knowledgeable about the job, and had a lot to offer someone who was willing to listen.

His book details his life as a firefighter starting out in his volly days and leading up to the day he got promoted. The book is what you would expect from a firefighting biography but this book delivers in multiple ways. For one if you are a fireman (a real fireman) then you want to hear about past fires. Second living just outside Richmond my entire life and knowing a lot of City Fireman it was great to read a book about locations I could relate to, and revealing some of the history of one of the oldest fire departments in the nation. The book also offers some of Jake’s take on issues in the fire service and while you may always not agree it is always nice to hear a fresh perspective on things.

I definitely recommend picking this book up, it is well written, comical at times, informative read. I was able to read it cover to cover in only two days. You can pick up the book on Amazon.com here: http://www.amazon.com/Capitol-City-Fireman-Jake-Rixner/dp/1770671285 its pretty inexpensive and well worth your time.

If you have read this already let me know what you think, also if you have any other book recommendations please share them in the comments section. Stay safe out there.

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