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Interesting Blog Post

This post http://www.fireservicewarrior.com/2010/11/fantasy-world-of-firefighting.html comes to us from Fire Service Warrior Blog.

It is detailing what he considers a fantasy world of firefighting where rules, and procedures are keeping us from doing our job effectively. He even uses humours comparisons to the game Dungeons and Dragons. It is really worth reading.

While I tend to agree with a lot he has to say, I can not help myself by saying that we are the ones who caused a lot of these “Fantasy” monsters to appear. How many LODD’s are preventable? I do not know exact figures on that but you know them when you see them, and its that which has contributed to the “Safety” culture we are bombarded with today. Sure we will never make firefighting 100% safe and we will always kill people on this job, but some of the things we do are just plain ignorant. Not wearing masks into a fire, not wearing our PPE, driving like maniacs, not wearing seatbelts, not wearing EMS gloves, and some of the other things I know you have seen. Those are the things that have led to the state of the fire service.

Like it our not today’s fire service is different for reasons we all know and that have been said over and over. We can still be aggressive and safe while doing so. Educate yourself on new building construction, fire behavior, and stop the negativity about new techniques and tactics until you have tried them. Its time to take some personal responsibility for the state we are in. We got ourselves here it will take a lot of success in order to get us out.

Feel free to comment on the article or my reaction in the comments section and spread the word about the blog!

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