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Transformer Fire

This video comes to us from www.thebravestonline.com It has been getting a lot of discussion in the forums over there, and is a very interesting video. Typically electricity and water do not mix, however in this case it appears to have mitigated the incident some what. There is still the 100% certainty that everything is still “HOT”. One point that has been debated is over the type of transformer it is. Typically you either have an oil transformer or an air-cooled transformer. Adding water to an oil transformer would make this situation even worse for obvious reasons. Also multiple exposures are present (buildings, cars, people, and firefighters) so that has to be taken into account.

I happen to have a great resource for electrical hazard training and how the fire service integrates into it. My father in law worked for the electrical utility company for 33 years and wrote this article for Fire Engineering a few years ago http://www.fireengineering.com/index/articles/display/295041/articles/fire-engineering/volume-160/issue-6/features/electrical-hazards-is-your-department-prepared.html He has also taught a class on the topic at FDIC several times.

So, I want to hear what you think about his operation. Good, Bad, indifferent? What would you do with you department and staffing situation? Leave your feedback in the comments section, and of course spread the word about he blog!

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