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Gone Hunting

Well here in my neck of the woods it is the first day of Black Powder (Muzzle Loader) Hunting Season. Bow season has just about wrapped up and in 2 weeks General Firearm season (shot guns, rifles) will be in. Unfortunately due to pre scheduled events I am unable to go today but will be heading out Monday, Wednesday, and of course the first day of General Fire Arms season.

Now I mostly hunt deer but if you want to you can hunt just about anything year round. So why am I writing about this? Well a lot of firefighters hunt, in fact my current Captain has taken off every work day for the next 2 months in order to hunt. It makes a lot of sense to me. Hunting offers a lot of the same challenges as firefighting.

Firefighting is a blue-collar job and you can not get much more blue-collar than killing your own food. Its physical, and its hands on which are two things firefighters absolutely love. It is also very exciting, but most importantly it is a CHALLENGE! I think that’s the biggest reason firefighters hunt and with multiple weapons it appeals to our competitive side on multiple levels (man vs beast, man vs nature). Just about every firefighter I know either hunts or has been hunting at least once. So in honor of hunting season coming back around here are some hunting sites, some firefighter related and some not. ENJOY and feel free to share some of your best hunting stories in the comments section.






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