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After a long trip to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” (no not the Seagrave Factory Walt Disney World) I am finally back home. I would say well rested but if you have ever been to WDW especially with children then you know that everything (wallet included) gets a work out.

So while I have been gone a lot of things have been happening in the world of the fire service. A lot of fires and a couple of injuries and LODD’s. The most prominent a fire department that stood by and let a house burn due to an expired subscription. That has been getting a lot of coverage over at Statter911.com, Firecritic.com, and was even the topic of a recent Firefighter Netcast show. While a lot of opinions have been brought to light on the subject and I am far from equipped to banter with the likes of bloggers like Dave and Rhett I would like to say that I see both sides of this story. As a firefighter it would be hard for me to stand by and watch someones life, and house go up in flames. However as a family man the risk of getting fired from my livelihood and ability to provide for my family is also something I am not willing to do. I also understand why the media covered it. It’s what they do, do they sometimes over sensationalize things? They probably do, however its the job of the news to get you to watch ratings matter and they will do what they have to do to get you to tune in. I also understand that the two major ends of this debate (Rhett, and Dave) are going to defend the sides they are apart off (Rhett the fire department, and Dave the Media). Overall what would I do? I can honestly say I do not know and I do not think anyone can give an answer unless faced with the situation.

Well that’s all for tonite, It’s good to be back home, and I am looking forward to getting back to blogging and back to work on Thursday. Stay safe out there, and spread the word about the blog.

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