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I know I have been hitting the SCBA thing pretty hard lately. In my opinion it is very important because everything we face today has toxic elements, and you have no idea how much damage even a small exposure will cause today or into the future.

In the comments section of this post http://averagejakeff.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/more-scba-stuff/ Danny made the comment “Would You wear your SCBA and mask on a brush or wildland fire? Why Not?” While this may seem ridiculous, we have to consider the amount of smoke present, and the materials burning even in a brush or field fire. I have been and seen brush fires extend into the woods and begin to catch abandoned vehicles, cans containing unknown liquids, and many other objects on fire. Is it still a brush fire then? I think not.


The above link will take you to a picture from a recent fire in Witmer Pa. In it you will see a raging brush fire and a firefighter in FULL PPE,SCBA,with his mask on, for a brush/wildland fire. While I do not know all of the details obviously this guy say something or knew something to make him do this. I am a big fan of the full PPE anyways especially if you have zero wildland firefighting gear (your station uniform offers you ZERO protection).

So in short just stay safe out there and use your head, do not be scared to do the right thing even if others give you the proverbial “stink eye”.  Please leave your thoughts, feedback, and anything else in the comments section, and please spread the word about the blog!

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