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Even more reason to wear your SCBA interior and exterior!

As I was checking my email today I got one of my regular “Secret List” updates and it just so happens the update was about a fire in an auto repair shop injured firefighters from EXTERIOR smoke and the subsequent fumes. Read the information below and check out the different links on why you should be wearing your SCBA inside the structure as well as outside. Enjoy


From Firefightersclosecalls.com via “The Secret List” :

Early this morning an auto repair shop fire that caused an estimated $2 million damage sent 4 Firefighters to the hospital FROM EXTERIOR SMOKE & FUMES. While “exactly what” was in the smoke hasn’t been identified, (cyanide, CO, are typical at all fires) this is an excellent warning for all of us that operating exterior operations (in addition to interior) in smoke affect all on the scene (see below). REMEMBER: Modern science has changed the way fires burn. Your fires are hotter, flashovers are quicker and the smoke is much more toxic. As we have seen, Firefighters have been injured and have died from toxic chemicals like HCN and CO….which are at every fire you turnout on.
London (Ontario, Canada) Fire Services Platoon Chief Paul Carew said 4 Firefighters were sent to hospital within 10 minutes of arriving at the scene last night. Chief Carew said the Firefighters were still setting up to operate at the fire when they were overcome by noxious fumes from the fire. The Chief said there was auto paint and gasoline, along with highly explosive propane and acetylene present in the building, which includes an auto body shop with “typical” combustibles.
The Firefighters  hadn’t yet packed up when the wind turned around, sending the smoke and fumes their way. 2 Firefighters have been released while two remain in the hospital awaiting the results of blood tests.

The Chief said the department may now consider a change of policy and require firefighters to put on the breathing gear even as they set up for interior ops. The London FF’s have a an excellent history related to safety, health and survival, it seems this could have happened to ANY FD arriving on the scene and serves as an excellent reminder of “what may be in the smoke” we are exposed to today….


As we and so many others have shared for years, DON’T BREATHE THAT CRAP, (inside and out) here are some links that will help. REMEMBER: Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) poisoning is the reality on YOUR fireground. HCN together with carbon monoxide can create a deadly cocktail, while each deadly gas alone may be at sub IDLH levels.


(Please take time to check them ALL out and review with your Firefighters and EMS Members)

http://www.draeger.com/local/US/HCN/index.html (Excellent WEBINAR From Noted S.M.E.’s Fire Capt. Rick Rochford Lt. Anthony Toro)

http://tinyurl.com/234qh5t (Firefighters, Parkinsons & The Smoke We Breathe)

http://www.firesmoke.org/ (Cyanide Poisoning Coalition: NUMEROUS Articles & Resources For FF’s)

http://tinyurl.com/32pa9gl (How Much Of A Threat Is Cyanide To Firefighters?)

http://www.local799.com/docs/pfdcyanidereport.pdf (Report: FF’s Poisoned on Fire Scene in R.I.)

http://www.firerehab.com/Columnists/Masimo-Inc/  (CO Poisoning of Firefighters)

http://tinyurl.com/39xld8w (CO on The Fireground)

http://tinyurl.com/27753wu (Fire Engineering Article)

http://tinyurl.com/26hvfmp (Fire Engineering Discussion

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